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Katrina Oct 2015I have always been a philosopher/mystic. Even at a young age, I always knew that there was something more going on than we thought.. Something very interesting..

I studied mathematics, philosophy and spirituality in university, expanding my mind to imagine that the world could truly be understood, if only we could drop what we already thought was true…

And then I married, farmed, and had children… And experienced how grounded life can be…

When I was 30, illness brought me to a turning point, an awakening… A guru appeared and led me further out of my constructs and truly started connecting with something deep inside.. and all out there..

And then miracles started happening..  All around me.. Synchronicity.. You could count on it..

This is when “Katrina’s World” was born. My friends and family would just say, “Well, that’s Katrina’s world.”

Incredible things would happen and my kids would just shrug their shoulders and say.. “Yep, that’s just mom’s world”. They assumed that it was normal.

I am a teacher, writer, speaker, and friend.

I speak on and teach all of my passions.. All of which can be found here..

So please explore..

Perhaps we share a passion or two…


My Passions

Fusion Tantra

Happy Couple - 400WWe all desire to love and be loved. Our souls crave true intimacy and connection. We desire to feel alive and vibrant and creative and full of hope. All of this is possible through the ancient teachings of tantra.. It’s not strange and different. Tantra is a lost teaching about what it is to be human… How we are truly wired within us to be both divine and physical.. How we are wired to connect with each other – deeply, in trust and safety.. How we are to allow our life force to flow freely, which means coming to peace with our sexual energy… And learning to make love in a way that is nourishing, energizing, connecting and spiritually uplifting..

This is what we are all made for.. It’s such a beautiful teaching and way of living.

Please Click Here to visit fusiontantra.com

Conscious Loving

Happy child - 400WI am passionate about raising children. When my children were young, I realized that all I wanted was to be their safe place in the world… that the world would tell them what was expected of them.. But that my job as a mom was to always be there for them. It also meant being very strong in my own intuition and guidance so that I was truly giving them the space to grow and develop without my own personal issues clouding their worlds.

We had that home where all the kids came. In fact, by the time my kids moved off to school, we had four extra living with us.. My kids would tell me.. Our place is different. Our opinions matter. You treat us like real people. You really listen. My friends love you.

I love kids.. And I especially love teens and young adults. The teenage years with my children and their friends were so incredible.. No strife.. No worries.. Just a wonderful opportunity to get to know these incredible people.. Such an amazing gift!

Please Click Here to visit consciousloving.ca

Evolving Minds

Brain - 400WI have been teaching yoga and meditation for over 10 years.. Why? Because they have the ability to help us actually HEAL our minds and therefore our lives. Without these technologies, we believe that we must live with whatever has come our way.. that we must simply accept that we can’t sleep, are depressed, lacking hope, afraid, anxious, etc. And then we are lauded for our abilities to “handle stress”… But this isn’t necessary.

Our minds can actually evolve to a new place.

We can actually rewire our minds. And we can do it with the tools that we’ve already been given – our breath, our intention and our bodies. We are an incredible system that has healing mechanisms built right in. This is the incredible magic that the technology and philosophy of yoga and meditation hold for us..

So exciting.. Our minds are learning and evolving every day.. So many possibilities!

Please Click Here to visit evolvingminds.ca

The Goddess Academy

Pensive Women - 400WI am passionate about sharing with and teaching women. Through the feminist revolution, we have achieved the status of equals.. But somewhere along the way, this has become “the same”. We are strong like men. We act like men. We are assertive like men. But feminine strength is different.

The world needs the deep feminine now. The masculine has built incredible things and brought our societies to incredible heights of technology and expansion. And now it’s time for the feminine to rise to bring balance.

But this means delving into parts of us that have been forgotten.. mystery, chaos, intuition, wisdom and so much more… It’s time for the unveiling of goddesses everywhere.. To bring the love of the sacred feminine to our family, children, men and everyone.

Please Click Here to visit goddessacademy.ca

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