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Katrina Oct 2015I have always been a philosopher/mystic. Even at a young age, I always knew that there was something more going on than we thought.. Something very interesting..

I studied mathematics, philosophy and spirituality in university, expanding my mind to imagine that the world could truly be understood, if only we could drop what we already thought was true…

And then I married, farmed, and had children… And experienced how grounded life can be…

When I was 30, illness brought me to a turning point, an awakening… A guru appeared and led me further out of my constructs and truly started connecting with something deep inside.. and all out there.. (You can share my full journey in my first book “What If You Could Skip the Cancer?”)

And then miracles started happening..  All around me.. Synchronicity.. You could count on it..

This is when “Katrina’s World” was born. My friends and family would just say, “Well, that’s Katrina’s world.”

Incredible things would happen and my kids would just shrug their shoulders and say.. “Yep, that’s just mom’s world”. They assumed that it was normal.

My Current Projects

Book #1: Tantric Intimacy – The Magic that Lies Within

Tantric Intimacy Book CoverWhen people first find me and want to study tantra, they ask me which book they can start with. This will be that book.

An excerpt:

There is a magic that lies within each of us.

At some point in our lives, we come to a place where we know that there is supposed to be MORE.

Our relationships are meant to be more joyful and fulfilling.

We are meant to feel incredible happiness in life.

Sex and intimacy is effortlessly supposed to blow our hair back.

We have searched everywhere to find this. Be we don’t find it.

Because it is inside.

Tantra is the process of unfolding this magic.

Tantra brings us to a place of infinite possibilities – A place of oneness with all.

A place where relationships nourish our deepest souls – and where simple sex is transformed into the most incredible, spiritual, ecstatic experience that you could ever imagine.

For more information about tantra, please visit fusiontantra.com.

The Book, Lecture & Workshop Tour:

Once the books are available, I will be travelling to promote the books and do lectures and workshops all over the world! I will also be bringing copies of my first book: “What If You Could Skip the Cancer?

Would you like your city to be on the tour?

If so, please email me with how you’d like to take part.

  • Do you have a group that would enjoy a guest lecture by me? Could be on many topics – not just tantra!
  • Do you know of a great place to hold a day-long workshop?
  • Do you have a client-base who would be interested in a workshop or talk?

I love writing, but the chance to meet everyone and chat is definitely the greatest part of the process!

I look forward to meeting you – either as a facilitator or as a participant!

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