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Are you a mystic?

Have you always been interested in religion & spirituality?

Do you feel like there’s more going on in the world than we can see, touch, smell, taste and hear?

Do you feel guided by a knowing that you can’t explain?


A mystic is someone who desires a direct relationship with the Divine. They know that there is a whole other reality all around us: a multi-faceted and wonder-filled way of experiencing life.

Mysticism is often considered the realm of yogis and sufis; reading ancient texts, prayer, beautiful poetry and whirling dervishes. (This, too, is all true.)

But being a mystic actually brings us into our whole human experience. It is often the missing piece of why we struggle in life, why we ache to find meaning in life, why we often feel so lost.

Because we know that we are so much more than our physical reality. We are more than our bodies, mind, and the world that we can see, touch, taste, hear and smell.. We know that there is more.

Just like the ancient mystics knew.

“These souls know each other by smell, like horses. Though one be in the East, and the other in the West, yet they feel joy and comfort in each others’ talk, and one who lives in a later generation than the other is instructed and consoled by the words of his friend.”

What You’ll Learn

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Module I: Being a Mystic in Today’s World

This course is about BEING a mystic.. A mystic who is fully involved in living in society! Many ancient mystics renounced the world to connect with God. This course is about connecting with the Divine, healing ourselves, and spreading that love out into the world. 

  • Why the world needs mystics
  • How jnana yoga brings us peace
  • What is the inner link that connects us to the divine?
  • Creating your person vision
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Module II: Releasing to Mystery

The mystic path is not an intellectual one. The universe is full of mystery and infinite possibilities.. impossible for our rational mind to compute.. And yet, this is the path to enlightenment. This is the path to understanding… Or at least fathoming and loving that which cannot be understood.

  • What is God? What are we listening to?
  • When you know you’ve had a mystical experience
  • Embracing the mystery
  • Bathing in the Sacred
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Module III: Connecting Deeply & Listening

By definition, a mystic is one who desires intimate connection with the divine. How do we do this? How do we sort through the many voices in our mind? What happens when you can’t hear the guidance? How do you trust what you’re hearing? 

  •  Finding our unique path
  •  Clearing the mind to hear the divine
  •  Trusting our inner wisdom
  •  Being meditative & listening all day
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Module IV: The Grounded Mystic

We will explore our personal alignment and flow through the chakra energy system of the body. Often, mystics remain in the “upper” chakras.. content to dream and meditate and expand that way. But we also want the lower energy centres and the heart to be active and flowing out into the world.. In this way, our mystical insights manifest on the earth.. And our colourful experiences on the earth feed our inspiration and mystical journey. 

  • Personal journey through your chakras
  • Personal alchemy
  • Healing with Divine Guidance
  • From Horizontal to Vertical Alignment
  • Choosing Transformational Sadhana
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Module V: Being Called by Spirit to Act

When we live as a mystic in this world, we navigate in a different way. We know that we are connected to a deeper wisdom and so we ask for directions.. Each time that we hear the call and have the faith to act on it, we deepen our connection even further.. It’s not always the comfortable way, but it’s definitely the most exciting. 

  • How mystics Communicate
  • Trusting the Calling
  • Wisdom & Truth
  • Deepening the Connection through Inspired Action
yin yang tantra

Module VI: Living as a Mystic in an Enchanted World

The world is so much more interesting than we can imagine. There are aspects and layers and colours that we can only see if we look closely. So what does going to work feel like as a mystic? Raising children? Going to the in-laws? How can we play with infinity within this limited body and ego? 

  • Touching the World and Letting it Go
  • Going Beyond Perfec
  • Swimming in Mystery
  • Relaxing into the Flow
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Bonus I: Tantric Mysticism

Tantra is a form of mysticism since its foundation is about experiencing the divine through the world. Its connection with sexuality stems from the fact that our sexual energy is in fact our life force. It is the energy that brings us joy, inspires us to create and to spread love with everyone. When we bring this intention into our relationships, incredible things can happen.. We already know that orgasm is one of those experiences that we cannot explain.. it is timeless and beyond description.. But what is beyond that when two people connect spiritually, sexually and fully connected to Source? Hmmm… Behold the path of the Tantric Mystic. 

  • Tantric applications of this course
  • Divinizing each other
  • Hieros Gamos – Sacred Union
  • Creating the Body Ecstatic
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Bonus I: The Mystic Parent

Being a mystic is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children. Because it means that we are truly connecting with them on a soul level and asking for guidance that is beyond our own current state of understanding. When my children were very small, I remember thinking, “How can I possibly know the right way to respond to this? The effects of my choices could affect their whole lives.” 

Luckily, when they were 2 and 4 years old, I went through a healing crisis (described in my book “What if You Could Skip the Cancer?”).. and this shifted my consciousness to asking inside for help.. I had always been a mystic.. But now it REALLY mattered. I had to trust completely. And this consciousness carried over into my parenting. And I’m so thankful for that. 

  • Being Sanctuary for your Children
  • Nurturing your child’s Soul
  • Teaching our Children to trust inside
  • Being Comfortable not knowing everything

What You’ll Receive

8 Teaching Modules

Katrina teaches a number of videos for each module. They are all online in our Academy and so they are available whenever you would like to watch them. The beautiful thing about video classes is that it’s like having a conversation together (albeit kinda one-sided)… But with talking about being a mystic, there is a real spirit and understanding that can be conveyed through listening to and seeing someone speak… It’s one of the wonderful benefits of our international online world!

Couple tantra

Mystic Workbook

This Mystic Workbook is a beautiful journal filled with inspirational quotes from mystics of all time. It accompanies the course with questions and thoughts as you journey deeper and deeper on your mystic’s path.

This is my favourite part of teaching this course. I love connecting with you and hearing about your journey.. And answering any questions you might have along the way!!

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Study at Your Own Pace

Some participants love to do the course in 8-weeks… Others have found that it’s nice to take time to really let the new ideas and their experiences sink in before learning the next module. And sometimes life just has other plans for us. 🙂

So whatever your perfect schedule is will work!

What Students Are Saying

“I like that I can do The course in my own pace. And In my own space. It was Everything I thought it would be. It gave me validation on that I have been living a tantric life all along. Without Even knowing that This is my way of loving my self, life, and others. So Thank you so much Katrina Bos!”

Kaja Frøyen | S

Take a deep breath in Katrina Bos’ presence and feel your heart open and expand immediately. Katrina’s Tantric nature and her own commitment to spiritual awakening are the perfect confluence of skills for bringing her students to the next step on their paths. I highly recommend Tantra Fusion and Katrina Bos as your mentor and guide to deep, authentic, sacred intimacy

Robyn Vogel, Tantric Intimacy & Sex Coach | Boston, MA

“I truthfully believe that the Foundations Course transformed by life by opening energy centres that I could never dreamed existed in me! I have learned to explore my life and the magic that this new lens shows. This course allows each student to develop their own unique awareness of themselves and their own world. The tools that are taught like Hollow Bamboo, carry messages of hope, love and understanding!
Advice to future students: Do the work, go within, don’t expect your experience to be like anyone else’s and allow your beautiful soul to surface! ”

Kristen Engel, Bookkeeper | Ontario, Canada

Well, among us, we are fortunate to have such a guide as Katrina. A mystic, even. Her countless hours working with individuals, couples and groups have built her ability in being always open hearted, authentic to herself and all who meet her. Her greatest intention, is only to serve others and see them blossom in each their own individual journeys. It warms me to see the success and progression of Katrina’s own journey. Sat Nam.
G.M., Canada

You have personally changed my entire realm of thinking and although I may not be at every yoga class, the years with you have taught me a lot more in depth about my life and how I perceive life inhale it and exhale it out. You have been a mentor and a motivator. And the things you have taught me are lessons and advice I carry forth daily in my life and is well known amongst my support circle. I know completely that I one day wish to be a yoga teacher specifically kundalini yoga and when that time comes I’ll have a wonderfully beautiful and inspiring teacher to thank. I wish you only the very best and I hope you send many updates. Sending you many positive thoughts and prayers. Namaste, great teacher.

K.C., Canada

I would like to say how easy, casual and friendly the classes were.  I like the concept of doing Yoga with closed eyes. When I first met you with my daughter, I felt that I was in the presences of a deep essence of being or can I will simply say an old soul. That is the reason why I immediately bought your book.  I wanted to know your story. As wrote before, you have something and know more than you think you know. If that makes sense.

A.T., Canada

“Your wisdom and ability to heal me from a distance has been a gift, even last night, you kept saying about living in the moment, it is my choice.  And it is, I just need to be “stronger than you think you are”.

J.H., Canada

Katrina is our local ‘Oprah’. She has a math degree from Waterloo (smart), she is a card carrying Mensa member (she’s smart). Yet it is the size of her heart that never ceases to amaze me. She is gorgeous and articulate; fun and kind. A winning combination. Anyway, I think what you are doing is awesome and I think Kat is awesome and mighty. Thanks for being you.

N.L., Canada

Katrina Bos is Fun! She has an innate intelligence about life, the whole “big” picture and the significance of tantra in respect to both. Her introductory workshop was a warm and cozy experience….absolutely comfortable for anyone who may feel any reservation about the idea of tantra. Her knowledge is extensive. During the workshop, we were invited to spend time in our partner’s personal space with simple exercises, that felt loving, but definitely not beyond the normal comfort zone.

S.C., Canada

I had the pleasure of working with Katrina in a shamanic and tantric healing ceremony. Katrina has one of the biggest, most loving hearts that I have ever met, and carries herself with grace and dignity. She embodies “Love-of-All” in the truest sense and goes the extra mile for those she is helping, healing or teaching. I can not wait to continue working with Katrina as her student, as I have already benefited greatly by my experience with her as a Healer.


Katrina is one amazing being and teacher.  When you are in her presence, you just know that you have encountered a woman that is deeply spiritual, sensual, caring and passionate—all in one.  Katrina knows how to both deeply hold you in a safe and caring container… while also profoundly help you work with your edges as a woman around your sensuality and what draws you most in life.  I couldn’t recommend Katrina more highly as someone to study with.

C.K., Canada

From Mathematician to Mystic

I have always been a mystic.. Although I didn’t call it that. Even as a teenager, I studied religion and read any sacred text I could find. My grandfather and uncle were both ministers, yet it wasn’t really the church I was interested in. It was the direct connection with God that I desired.

And then I discovered that there were others.. And they were called mystics.. Eckhart, Rumi, St. Francis… I read anything I could find about them..

In University, I studied mathematics.. Mathematics is the philosophy/science of looking at the universe and seeking patterns that can be described through the pure medium of numbers.. My mind expanded and expanded..

And then I fell in love with a farmer.. I moved to a dairy farm in the middle of the country in Ontario.. And here I would have my greatest turning point. I was a computer programmer until I had children and then I was full-time on the farm, milking cows with babies on my back.. (Apparently I was meant to have a very grounding experience)..

What if you could skip the cancer coverWhen my children were 2 & 4 years old, I discovered breast lumps growing quickly.. My mom had just died of breast cancer 4 years before.. Her mom and sister had also died of cancer before her.. As serendipity would have it, a “guru” appeared in my life and guided me through the experience to an eventual miraculous healing (that I describe in detail in my book “What If You Could Skip the Cancer?“).

There were many, many things I went through.. dark nights of the soul, incredible healing times.. but most importantly, I had to learn to listen. I had to learn to pray, listen and then follow through on the answer I heard.. This meant turning off my brain (which had served me so well) and trusting something greater.

That was back in 2001.. And I can only live this way now. All my decisions are made this way. My mathematical mind still does all my webdesign, balances the books and does logic puzzles when I’m on holidays.. But I am always in prayer, listening – when I write, when I teach, when I’m talking to my children..

The most amazing shift was that miracles are everywhere in my life. Miracles are so common, that my husband and children would just say “Well, that’s Katrina’s World”… Personally, it feels like I really have nothing to do with it.. I just listen and amazing things happen..

So, I am thrilled to share this incredible path with you… To explore, to go inside, and watch the world transform before our eyes.

Chat soon,
Katrina Bos


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