Healing Through Groundhog Day

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Healing Through Groundhog Day

What if you had to live the same day over and over again forever…

or at least until something inside you changed…


If you’ve never seen Bill Murray in the movie “Groundhog Day”, you must go see it immediately!! It is one of the most profound movies you will ever see about how changing your consciousness changes your whole experience of life!!

Many of us feel stuck in a rut… Or at least stuck in a routine that never seems to change. We wake up, we get the kids ready, we make lunches, we go to work, we talk to the same people, take the same route home, eat supper, etc, etc, etc… We smile and try to make the best of it… But the bottom line is that most of our society struggles with depression, anxiety, and all kinds of issues…

large-groundhog-day-blu-ray5In the movie, Bill gets caught literally reliving the day that he hates the most… His yearly trip to Punxatawny, Pennsylvania to see the groundhog. Bill is an angry, sarcastic city boy who thinks that the quaintness of this little town and its little people is just too much for someone as sophisticated and intelligent as himself… When he wakes up the next morning on the same day and it repeats, he loses his mind… and then again.. and again and again…

But the truth is that he goes through a miraculous healing journey.. That beautifully mirrors our personal soul’s journey to healing and happiness..

He begins frustrated and angry with his situation… No one understands… no one believes him… no one sees his pain… He goes to bed so depressed and confused.

046-bill-murray-theredlistThen he uses his cleverness to rob a bank… now he has endless money… yet… no happier.

Then he realizes that he is invincible. No matter what he does, he won’t die.. He’ll always wake up the next day… So he lives recklessly, and totally crazily… But not happily…

Then he decides to use his cleverness to manipulate Andie McDowell to sleep with him… now the day is ending in many many face slaps… and eventually real depression..

The depression leads to actively killing himself each day.. electrocution, jumping off buildings, etc… (insert here every damaging habit we have that slowly kills us)

Until one day, he gives up.

Bill Murray Groundhog DayHe gives up trying to control the world. He gives up trying to be clever. He gives up critizing everyone else. He gives up his ego, and his pride… He confides in Andie McDowell honestly… and they discuss how immortality could be a real blessing.

And everything changes…

He starts to look at what actually brings him personal joy… He learns to play the piano.. He helps people.. He talks to people. He learns to like people… He is honest and no longer chasing success, pride or women… and what happens? It all flows back to him… He loves each day. Each day is rich and full…

And the girl?.. She is so bloody attracted to this interesting, popular, connected, juicy man, that she ends up buying him in the bachelor auction…

still-of-bill-murray-and-andie-macdowell-in-groundhog-day-(1993)-large-pictureBut what changed? His circumstances were identical. It was him that changed.

The circumstances of our lives are just a framework. There is no joy to be had from them. There is no joy to be had from simply BEING married or HAVING kids, or HAVING the right job, or BEING fit… These are all just frameworks. But WITHIN those frameworks, what do we bring to our lives?

How are we going to ENJOY our relationship with our partner? How are we going to CONNECT and LOVE our children? How are we going to GROW and EXPAND ourselves through your work and community? What are we going to BRING to our workout or yoga practice that will deepen our sense of self and spirit?

It’s only what we bring to each day that makes each day awesome…

Our circumstances are just the lines in a colouring book.

It’s really all about how

we choose to colour each day in!!


Happy Groundhog Day!!


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