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Parenting as a Mystic

They say that becoming a parent should come with an owner's manual. But what if we have something better? What if we actually have perfect guidance available to us in every moment, and it's completely unique to the child and situation? My children are now grown - my son is 21 and my daughter is 19. But I still remember staring at each of their little faces when they were born and being in complete awe that they had been "given" to me to raise and be part of my life. With this responsibility came the great fear - what if I screwed up? What if I said the wrong thing? What if I did the wrong thing? What if I transferred my issues and challenges onto them? What if they would be lying on a psychologist's couch one day saying, "Well it's because my mom did this and that....". [...]

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Releasing the Past for Good

As I watched the building being demolished, it reminded me of what it feels like when we need to let go of old "constructs" that are no longer serving us, that we've grown from, or that simply were a part of a past. I share my ponderings as we watch the old being demolished.. making way for something new!

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Escaping the Prisons of Our Mind

Mark Twain once said, "I've been through some terrible things in my life.. and some of them actually happened." We have incredible minds and imaginations capable of creating amazing things.. But sometimes our imagination works against us. Over our lives, "things" happen... difficult childhoods, trauma, death, illness, loss, abuse, disappointments... And in order to survive, we escape into our minds.. It is an incredible human coping mechanism. It's how we survive things that we cannot digest, explain or fix, and still get on with our lives without falling apart. But what does this inner landscape look like by the time we are adults? Sure, there might be sunshiney spots, but many of us struggle with long-lasting depression, anxiety, phobias, panic, loneliness, grief, etc... Why are these such a struggle today? Why can't we escape? We are locked in our own prison I just watched a documentary, "The Sound [...]

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Rumi: Why We Have Hard Times

Sometimes life is so hard. We ask ourselves "Why is this happening?".. We wish things were different, or had gone differently.. And there times where we have real "dark nights of the soul" where everything that we once believed doesn't make any sense and we don't know what to do next.. Nothing makes any sense any more. And when we only focus on the physical world, the world of material things, the world of our roles in society, what we are "supposed" to be doing, how we are supposed to feel and how we think/hope/wish things were going, we can end up in real despair.. But what if there is other purpose to these hard times? What if there is a honing of our lives? What if there is something much greater going on? Rumi was a great mystic.. So his desire was to experience the divine in life.. To [...]

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Healing Ourselves this Christmas

My son sent me this beautiful video of Jackie Evancho singing this beautiful song (with the voice of an angel)... Matthew Evancho's "To Believe"... I can so relate to the feelings in this song.. the desire to help others who have less, who don't have enough food, who don't have safety or a home.. But as I listened to this song, I started hearing her sing it to me personally... I would like YOU to find peace. I would like YOU to be fed. I would like YOU to feel love... Most of us are not obviously starving or lacking love or home... But what if we are? What if what we see all around us truly is asking us to look deeper inside as well?... This is one of the funny places where science and religion agree. Scientific thought says that there [...]

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