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Private Consultations

People have private consultations with me for many reasons. Sometimes, they have had an experience that they can't explain and for some reason know that I would understand. Others are taking one of my courses and hit a tough spot and would like some clarity as to how to heal, integrate and move forward.

I also offer sessions for couples who know that they are struggling with communication or old hurts and want to be able to find their way back to each other.

Or maybe you would like to dive into one of my programs and would like to start your journey with a personal chat... to find out where to start and to know that this journey is for you.

I also offer Meditation Coaching for anyone who would love to not only learn how to meditate... but to also unearth what is causing your mind to be so busy.

Whatever your reason, I would love to meet and chat a while.

An Introductory Session:

Normally, our sessions are an hour long.

But maybe you just have a few questions about which program would be best for you. Or you would like to meet and chat before going further.

You can book an introductory session for 20 minutes below.

Let's Book Our Time Together

Each session is over Skype. 

You can pick any time that works for you in your own time zone.

I'm looking so forward to meeting you!

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