Healing Ourselves this Christmas

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Healing Ourselves this Christmas

My son sent me this beautiful video of Jackie Evancho singing this beautiful song (with the voice of an angel)… Matthew Evancho’s “To Believe”…

I can so relate to the feelings in this song.. the desire to help others who have less, who don’t have enough food, who don’t have safety or a home..

But as I listened to this song, I started hearing her sing it to me personally… I would like YOU to find peace. I would like YOU to be fed. I would like YOU to feel love…

Most of us are not obviously starving or lacking love or home… But what if we are? What if what we see all around us truly is asking us to look deeper inside as well?…

This is one of the funny places where science and religion agree.

planetary orbitsScientific thought says that there is a microcosmic reality and a macrocosmic reality… This means that we can look at the solar system (macro – meaning big) and then we can look at the atoms that make each of us up (micro – very small) and see identical realities. And patterns like this are seen everywhere in nature.

We can also see it in relationships in the world. Imagine there is a family who is fighting about religion or the “proper” way to live or who gets the inheritance or who is in charge or who is the most important? Is this so different than what happens on a global scale in war? Bad guys, people jostling for power & money… good guys swooping in to fix everything… In the end, nobody winning… Identical patterns….

Religious thought says “As it is in heaven, it will be on Earth”… As we think, we create.. As we believe, we will experience.. Our lives are created by what happens inside of our minds and hearts… Hmmmm…

So how do we apply this idea to healing our lives? What do the lyrics of this song invite us to look at in our own personal worlds?

“Let all fighting cease that your children may see peace”

Pensive Man - 250What are your inner battles? What are you struggling with? Are you critical of yourself? Do you wrestle with certain relationships with others? Do your heart and mind argue? Can you honour your truth and end the inner battle?

Most of us have inner strife. We have two sides arguing back and forth… We know what they are because these are the things that we talk about… These are the things that keep us up at night. These are the things that creep into our minds when we try to meditate…

What would it take to end these battles? What truth are we afraid to admit? What else are we afraid of? Or are we just used to the battle? Would we even know what to do with a sense of peace and calm inside?

“Wipe their tears of sorrow away”

What sorrow still lives inside of us? Is there still grief? Is there disappointment?

The phrase in the song says “to wipe our tears of sorrow away”… But this means that we must cry first. We must allow these painful feelings to rise and truly feel them.. We need to either cry on our own or find a friend to cry on their shoulder. Both are perfect. But we must cry…

And once we truly feel the sadness and we allow ourselves to express it, then our tears will be wiped away…

We will take a deep breath… And one day soon, we will wake up and the sun will be shining again.

person holding sun - flipped“To believe in a day when hunger and war will pass away”

Do we believe that this is possible? Do we believe in abundance or scarcity in our lives?

What do you hunger for? Love? Interesting conversation? Friends? Security? Joy? Learning? Stimulation?

What if it’s all out there? What if it’s as easy as a Google search? What if it’s as easy as simply believing that it exists and then going on a search to find it? What if it’s just about asking for it and knowing it’s out there for you?

“That every sparrow is counted”

Do you believe that you matter? That “every sparrow is counted” assumes that even the smallest sparrow is part of the plan… it matters… it would be missed.

There are many things in society that can make us feel small and unimportant… We can feel like just a number… So inconsequential…

But it isn’t true. We affect every person that we come into contact with… even if it’s just a smile in the grocery store, you have affected that person. I can get a warm fuzzy from reading a Facebook post from a high school friend that I haven’t seen in 25 years.  On returning from Europe, my brother-in-law had cleaned my car – inside and out, I returned to my apartment to find flowers from a friend and then spent the night eating great food and chatting with a great friend… Each of those people counted in my life. Each one filled my inner bowl of happiness. I would hate for any of them to ever imagine that they didn’t count..

Each of us matters. There is meaning for each of our being here…

“And we’ll see in one another, the loving image of you.”

Michaelangelos DavidMother Teresa used to say that she saw the face of Jesus in every person that she cared for… the starving, the lepers, the children, the old… She saw that light… And loved that light.

This is a beautiful way to live… And not just seeing the light in the easy people.. the ones who challenge us every day… the angry people, the sad people, the ones who lash out in a thousand ways… What we experience is their leprosy, their hunger, their sadness… And being able to see the light in them brings great peace to both them and us.

But what about you? Can you see the light in you? Do you realize that you are also amazing, divine and full of light? We are taught to be humble. We are not taught to love who we are and feel how amazing we are…

I just returned from Rome… Everything in Rome is incredibly huge… not human-sized – giant-sized. But as I sat in these incredible spaces, what I felt was OUR magnificence. I felt how incredible WE actually are… But we forget… And every incredible thing I saw, from Michaelangelo’s David to the Pantheon, I was constantly reminded of what humans are capable of… But we have to have faith in how incredible we are…

And then all things are possible…

And so this is my Christmas wish for you (and me)… That every time we hear “Peace on Earth“, we close our eyes, take a deep breath and feel that peace within ourselves.

When we hear “Joy to the World“, may we look around ourselves and truly feel joy for everything in our lives…

And when we hear anything with the words Love in it, know that we are loved. Know that we make a difference.

And that we are incredible, wonderful masterpieces!

Merry Christmas! Happy holidays!

To Believe Lyrics

Before I lay me down to rest
I ask the Lord one small request
I know I have all I could need
But this prayer is not for me
Too many people on this day
Don’t have a peaceful place to stay
Let all fighting cease that your children may see peace
Wipe their tears of sorrow away

To believe in a day
When hunger and war will pass away
To have the hope amidst despair
That every sparrow’s counted
That you hear each cry and listen to each prayer

Let me try always to believe
That we can heal the hearts that grieve
Please help us not ignore
The anguished cries of the poor
Or their pain will never leave

To believe in a day
When hunger and war will pass away
To have the hope amidst despair
That every sparrow’s counted
That you hear each cry and listen to each prayer

Matthew Evancho

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