Living in Masculine & Feminine Union

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In Life, Love & Sexual Intimacy

FEBRUARY 8th 2023!

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During this 10-week course, we will have weekly 2-hour classes where Katrina will teach for an hour and then we will have a group discussion.

The purpose of these classes is to learn how to cultivate a stronger sense of balance between these two divine polarities within us and develop a clearer understanding of how they play out in our lives.

Class Schedule

There will be two class times each week so that you can choose which day works best with your schedule (you don't have to attend both. They will be the same content).

You can attend classes on Wednesdays from 7:00PM - 9:00PM OR Thursdays from 1:00PM - 3:00PM (Toronto, Canada) on Zoom. If for some reason you need to switch from one class day to another, that is fine. You will receive links to both class days in your weekly reminder emails. For your convenience, each class is recorded so if for whatever reason you are unable to attend class in any given week, you will be able to watch them in our Live Class Replay library. 

Please note: If there are lots of people registered for the course who are unable to attend the classes due to life schedules and current commitments, I am open to adding classes to our existing schedule.

Classes start February 8th (and 9th).

Topics We Will Explore 

Module I: A New Foundation for Union
Module II: Giving & Receiving
Module III: Inspiration & Manifestation
Module IV: Structure & Chaos
Module V: Protector & Vulnerable
Module VI: The Benevolent Leader
Module VII: The Passion of Pursuit
Module VIII: The Bliss of Sexual Union
Module IX: A Deeper Look in the Masculine & Feminine
Module X: Full Balance Within

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 Study Group in Our Online Community

The joy of live online classes is that we can gather to share insights as we dive deep into specific topics. So, we have created a private group in our Online Community RAISING VIBRATIONS where you'll be able to chat more with others in the class.

Redefining the Masculine & Feminine

These are two of the videos from Module I all about the joys of experiencing polarity in life and redefining what the masculine & feminine actually are.

Please note that the masculine and feminine are likely not what you think. The old “sexist” ideas of masculine and feminine have nothing to do with union. They actually exist in separation and power struggles. We are bringing the masculine and feminine back into their true meanings – where they are meant to connect in ease, love and truly build each other. This has nothing to do with gender, orientation or sex. It is just the yin/yang, and positive/negative magnetic poles that create all matter and movement in the universe.

When we can apply this to our personal interactions and inner worlds, absolutely amazing things can happen.




Redefining the

Masculine & Feminine


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How to Get Started

10-Week Live Class

$125 CAD

  • 10 weeks of live classes
  • Library of class recordings
  • Private study group

Perfect if you would like to dive into this 10-week class, gather for two hours each week, meet other awesome people and then see where you'd like to go from there!

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Live + Online Course

$397 CAD

  • 10 weeks of live classes
  • Library of class recordings
  • Private study group
  • Online Course

Perfect if you would like to fully immerse yourself for 10 weeks and watch the course videos, do the exercises & homework while doing the live classes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Katrina Bos

“The merging of the masculine and feminine has been a passion of mine ever since I first began studying and experiencing what happens in tantric intimacy. To feel true love and connection fills us in ways that we deeply know is possible. To have friendships that are true confidantes. To have close bonds with our children filled with trust and fun. This is what we are made for. 

I am also very excited to share how this changes our sexual experience. It is in the polarity that we heal the deepest parts of ourselves. We expand in pleasure that we can only imagine… and once we experience it, there is no going back.

So, I am very excited to share this with everyone!” Katrina

Katrina offers trainings around the world in spiritual growth, relationships, and intimacy. She is the author of three books: "You Don't Have to Eat the Eyeballs", "Tantric Intimacy", and "What If You Could Skip the Cancer?".

All three books can be purchased through all online booksellers in paperback, ebook, and now Audiobook!