Loving Raising My Children

//Loving Raising My Children

Loving Raising My Children

My name is Katrina Bos. I have two children: my son is 21 and my daughter is 19. And since the day they were born, they just took my breath away.

Katrina Bos & ChildrenI know that children are born every day. It’s normal. Maybe I’m weird. Maybe I have weird karma. I don’t know. But from the moment they were born, I would look at them and I just couldn’t believe they were there. I couldn’t believe that they were part of my life. It’s hard to explain without sounding really corny. But I just have always really appreciated them.

Now don’t get me wrong. There have been tough times… My son was colicky. He cried nearly non-stop night and day for his first eleven months of life… I’m not saying that I was always so grateful during all those moments… But these are the times that (once long over and you’re not sleep-deprived anymore) definitely make us appreciate the good times!!!

Creating Sanctuary:

I believe that our homes should be our sanctuary. In a crazy world where there are a billion expectations, fears, worries, and other rotten things, our homes should be that place where you can just sit down, relax, and be safe to be ourselves.

Unfortunately, this is often the opposite. As parents, we want the best for our kids and so we often bring all of the worlds’ expectations into our homes and our children then have to be under that microscope at home as well as at school, with their peers, at their jobs, etc. Home just becomes another place where they’re not good enough.

Also, “just being ourselves” sometimes means that we can act badly if we’re having a bad day. This results in this weird situation where we treat the people we live with worse than anyone else – and they are the people we love the most on this planet!! So strange.

And so how do we change all that and create true sanctuary in our homes? How do we create a place that we can truly relax and feel serene in? This is the goal.

Creating Authentic Connections with our Kids:

Lauren-Taylor-LeslieI love kids… I specifically love teens. I love knowing how they think. I want to know what they think about all kinds of things!

Back in 2000, I was sick with breast lumps… the story of my miraculous healing and how it changed my life is told in my book “What If You Could Skip the Cancer?”. But one of the biggest changes I made was that I started to appreciate and discover who I really was. Instead of spending my life playing to the crowd and trying to be what everyone else wanted me to be, I started the process of truly figuring out who I was.

The ripple effect of this is that other people now were free to be who they truly were – and this definitely extended to my children. Suddenly the goal wasn’t to make them just like me, think like me, or follow any kind of path that I might have taken. I now wanted to know “What was their path?” “What truly makes THEM tick?” “What is their soul’s path?”

I had lived 30 years being everyone to everybody else and I was finding it hard to remember who I was. I definitely didn’t want this for my kids.

So, now I’m that crazy mom who actually wants to talk to them and talk to their friends. And I have no interest in telling them what they should think or feel or do. Because I certainly don’t know the answers. But the result is that we have wonderful conversations and great trust.

I couldn’t ask for anything more.


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