Mentorship Opportunities

There are many reasons that we desire mentorship. Perhaps we want to truly feel like our whole selves and would like a friend along for the journey. Maybe we are working through specific issues that we would like to truly resolve and integrate. Or maybe we feel a calling within that we would love some help developing our inner knowing and confidence to expand and help to become reality!

Please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you're wondering which mentorship path would be best for you.

LIVING MASTERS 7-month Kundalini Yoga Intensive

Although this is officially a kundalini yoga teacher training, it is one of the most powerful opportunities for mentorship that I offer. Within a wonderful community, you have daily practice, weekly lessons, community gatherings, and a chance to ask me questions as they come up in our lives. Next session begins October 15, 2022.

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Year-long Tantric Mentorships

This program is a combination of my online courses plus private sessions with me. You will receive:

  • Access to all of my online courses: Foundations for Tantric Intimacy, Union of Masculine & Feminine, The Spiritual Path of Tantra, and The Radiant Woman (for women).
  • 10 private consultations with me (including an Energy Grid reading)
  • Kundalini Home Yoga Studio

This is a beautiful way to create exactly the program that is right for your journey. The online programs give us a new framework to see the world and relationships in. Once a month, we can chat about what's coming up for you in the courses and in life. And you can also do the classes in my home yoga studio if you would like to really dive deep into a personal transformation.

There are two versions of this: Dakini/Tantrika Training for women and Empowered Masculine Training for men.

Dakini-Tantrika Training
Empowered Masculine Training