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The Sacred Life Phases of the Enlightened Woman: May 14, 2019

“My guest today has not been on The Entrepology Podcast since episode 20! Katrina Bos is an author and all-around wise woman. 

Katrina is a mathematician by background and she is currently in Guadaloupe having sold all of her life possessions as she travels around the world in search of the experience that happens when you surrender to the universe. I absolutely like the juxtaposition between the structure of a background in mathematics and the fluidity and flexibility that can happen when you start to integrate life’s lessons in a strategic way. 

My conversation with Katrina is a long one — but there wasn’t one part of the podcast I could do away with — it was wisdom-bomb after wisdom-bomb! We talk about the journey that women go through as the student, the householder, the forest dweller, and the sage — as well as the importance of embracing and honouring each of these pieces in our evolution as wise women. We discuss her online course, the Radiant Woman; the idea of embracing feminine strength, acting out of our feminine wisdom, and listening to your deep wisdom; and so, so much more. I definitely recommend you listen in to this one!” 

Dr. Meghan Walker

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Tracy Clark – Tantric Intimacy: October 23, 2018

Tracy L Clark Radio Show with Katrina Bos

“Have you heard of Tantra? Have you decided you understand it all ? Well let me be the first to tell you many have misinformation about the subject and the connection to God and self. Tantra is not about just sex and the lower part of the body, It is about real awareness and how to find that connection. Learn the truth behind tantra and the truth of how you can open more to the divine connection with yourself and others! 

Join me on this journey with our repeat guest Katrina Bos as she really explains her recent book and the journey between souls and connection to God. Katrina offers trainings around the world in spiritual growth, relationships, and intimacy. She invites us to explore new ways of seeing the world, deepen our relationships, and find the joy that we know is possible.”

Tracy L Clark

Taking a Spiritual Walk with Katrina Bos: October 11, 2018

Tracy L Clark Radio Show with Katrina Bos

Tracy is a wonderful friend and healer that I’ve worked with for many years personally. I always love our interviews together because we end up talking about things we never expected! This one is all listening within, making hard but important choices on our path, and so much more.

Join us for an hour with the beautiful and amazing Katrina Bos is the founder of Fusion Tantra. Where we will go deeper into her journey of how she rediscovered her true self. Discussing her amazing book What if You Could Skip The Cancer? and learning how you can deepen your relationship with yourself.” Tracy L Clark

Tantra & the Power of Intuition: July 11, 2017

“Today I sat down with Katrina Bos. Katrina is an author, a cancer survivor, a mother, a mathematician and a teacher of tantra. Tantra, as Katrina will explain, is not about yoga or sex or weird kinky things, it’s about connecting with people and finding a true state of intimacy. Our conversation was so interesting because it wasn’t just about sexuality or connection, it was about how we leverage these things to connect to who we are as women, and who we are as go-getters in this world. This interview is jam-packed with actionable information about finding ways to connect to yourself, truly loving yourself and ultimately being able to improve your ability to connect to the world.”

Dr. Meghan Walker

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