Do you have visions for a new world? 

Would you like to join a community of people who are sharing what makes them happier and lighter?
Would you like to meet other amazing people from around the world through zoom and other live gatherings?

Well, this might just be the place for you.

What is This Community About?

We believe that human consciousness is evolving. We are leaving the old ways and opening up new possibilities. It is said that human beings are using less than 10% of their potential. It's time to start dreaming in and heading towards 100%.

For decades, we have been exploring other ways of being. We have studied yoga, metaphysics, consciousness, energy healing, astrology, and tantra. We have rediscovered amazing technologies around free-energy, transportation, and the expansion of science to include the wonders of quantum physics.

Now, it's time to bring all that we know together. We are living in an incredibly potent time of creating a new, or remembering an old, way of living here on Earth. We are revisioning relationships and love, food and healing, science and technology, consciousness and oneness, and so much more.


In Raising Vibrations, we are doing this through:

  1. Sharing what raises our frequency: This could be music, ideas, videos, aha moments, or a view you saw on your walk today.
  2. Sharing ideas and visions of what's possible: Are you reading or listening to inspiring ideas? Do you love to study or ponder possibilities for the future? Do you have utopia-type visions that seem real but you never thought possible?
  3. Collaborating with amazing people: Through zoom technology, we are able to have real conversations about real topics with amazing folks around the world. These ideas build upon each other and allow us all to leave the conversation with new and expanded possiblities... to ponder until our next meeting.

"There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision.
The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe."

 ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Community Membership

Membership is FREE.

What You WILL Find

  • Sharing and collaboration of new (and ancient) ideas
  • Uplifting ideas, videos, music, and aha moments
  • Live zoom classes
  • Silent Meditation Gatherings
  • Ecstatic Dance 
  • A chance to connect new people from around the world through zoom and live classes

What You WILL NOT Find

  • Advertisements
  • Algorithms controlling your feed
  • Requests for dates
  • Politics & Arguments
  • Privacy Breaches
  • Negativity & criticism

Please make sure you have read our Community Guidelines BELOW.


Our Community Guidelines

It's an interesting idea to put strict rules around what is shared in a space where we want to dream in a new reality. However, we have often been well-trained to accept drama, sarcasm, arguments, and judgement as "normal" part of living and free speech. Luckily there are many other platforms for these things. Raising Vibrations has a very different intention.

What is our intention:

  • Sharing what uplifts us, raises our vibrations, and makes us instantly happier.
  • To share ideas and visions for the future.
  • To connect with others who are pondering similar things
  • To vision a new earth consciousness together

What is not part of our intention:

  • Political narratives
  • Sarcasm, satire, and frustrations
  • Soliciting for dates
  • Selling anything at all
  • Soapboxing and preaching
  • Criticism and negativity

There is something magical about people coming together with a shared intention. This is where small ideas become amazing possibilities.

However, we also know that one person with an agenda can stop all growth and expansion of ideas. This is why we have a zero tolerance policy for anything that isn't in line with the intention and spirit of the community.

"Building community is to the collective as spiritual practice is to the individual."

~ Grace Lee Boggs

What Would You Like to See in the World?

We are living in a potent time of sharing our dreams and visions of the world we would like to create.

What do you see? What utopia-like visions have you always seen but never imagined were possible?


"Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much."

~ Helen Keller