Nodes, Eclipses, Relationships, and more!

Shannon Hugman is Joining us Again 
To Go Even Deeper into
This Fascinating World We Live In!

A few months ago, we had an afternoon workshop with my good friend and astrologer, Shannon Hugman. I had asked her if she could teach us how to use the moon's North & South nodes in order to understand our Life's Path. 

Personally, I've always found real astrology to have so many moving parts and intricacies, that I've never been able to really fit my brain around them... but this is where my friend Shannon comes in. She has a beautiful gift of describing the movements of the stars and planets in terms of stories, analogies, and real-life examples.

This is why I'm thrilled to have her back to teach another workshop!

What is this workshop all about?

The nodes are two pivotal points of alignment in the astrological chart. They indicate directions, lessons, karma and offer a deep understanding of ourselves and others.

Building off our Nodes of the Moon Workshop (Part 1), in the class we will explore the Nodes’ connection to eclipses, applications for relationships, the timing of eclipses and larger collective cycles.

There will be lots of space to workshop together, apply this new knowledge, practise with charts and ask Shannon all your questions. 

Who Is This Workshop For?

This is a wonderful look at how we are wired for everyone who is interested in how we humans tick!

It is especially interesting to anyone who does 1-1 work with people - coaching, counselling, energy work, etc. I have used many of the insights from our first workshop in my Energy Grid readings with clients already!

Who is Shannon Hugman?

Shannon is a good friend of mine who is an incredible astrologer! I've been wanting to bring her into our loop for a while... and last week, she and I chatted and she is very excited to meet everyone and share her amazing knowledge about North and South nodes and their houses and signs!

She has written an amazing book called "Analogies, Energies, and Celestial Bodies" which I recommend getting for our workshop! She even has it on sale on Amazon right now for our workshop!

You can find her website here:


Saturday, July 27th

12:00 - 15:00 EST (Toronto time)

$55 CAD

Note: All participants must have attended the previous workshop or watched the replay.

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Would You Love to Attend but Weren't at Part One?

No problem! We recorded the first workshop! 

If you would like to join us on July 27th, I will send you the recordings so that you can get familiar with the Nodes, and what they mean.

Then, you'll be all ready to join in for the fun!

$75 CAD for the Workshop + Recordings of Part I

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"There are currents of energy flowing all around us. We can’t always see, touch, or pin them down, but often we can sense them...

When we know better, we do better. Understanding these currents of energy opens up a space for dialogue between our knowledge and our intuition."

SHANNON HUGMAN, Analogies, Energies and Celestial Bodies