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Free Ebook by Katrina Bos

Being able to hear our inner truth is foundational to all spiritual paths. When we follow this inner and unique guidance, our life feels like ours, and we easily have confidence in our decisions. If you would like your free copy, please join my weekly newsletter by filling out the form below and your book will be sent to you right away.

Divine Union of the Masculine & Feminine

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Energy Grid Readings

How are you truly wired inside? Why is it easy to connect with some people and not others? Why do you see the world so differently than others? What are your gifts? Why have there been difficult times in your life?

This is a beautiful hour spent together chatting about your "inner blueprint" and how it can give us clues about what is going on in your life right now.

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Kundalini Yoga for Everyone

We are living in a time of collective awakening and deep healing. We are releasing ideals, programs, trauma, regret, and pain that we have lived with for centuries. Kundalini Yoga is an amazing yoga that everyone can do that helps us move through this healing process.

I teach 2 classes each week. Mondays, I teach in-person in Goderich for those who are close by. This class is also live-streamed so that everyone can join. I also teach Saturdays over zoom - which is a wonderful way to attend a live class in the comfort of your living room!

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Online Courses

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10 Paths to Inner Stillness

Do you struggle to quiet your mind? Is it really possible to live with a meditative mind all of the time? What does that even mean?

The reality is that we are all very different and therefore need different techniques to achieve that quiet inner stillness.

This is why this e-book contains 10 different philosophies and meditations that can help! Each chapter has some background about living meditatively and then there is a video of me leading you in a specific meditation technique. 

Once you've tried them all out, they will be in your toolbox for life. This way, you can find the meditation that works perfectly for you at any time! You can also share these techniques with your partner, children, family and friends for when they are struggling!

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Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.