10 Paths to Inner Stillness

Interactive E-book & Online Meditation Library

There is a peaceful centre within each of us. 

The challenge is that our minds have been well-trained to be very active, busy, and often filled with goals, hopes, and concerns.

This book outlines ten aspects of our minds,
looks deeply at what causes them to be so active,
and then gives us a meditation that we can do together
in a beautiful lemon orchard in Sicily.

You Will Learn How To:

Clear your mind
Feel calm inside
Re-wire your mind no matter what your past has been
Rest in your Neutral Mind
Connect your Creative & Responsible Sides
Develop Total Focus
Let Go of Tensions that Aren't Yours
Re-wire your mind for Healthy Responses to Stress
Be Gentle on the Low Days
Find Your Personal Path to Centredness
Find Serenity No Matter What is Going On
Access Your Inner Genius

You Will Receive:

Interactive E-book

Meditation Library

You Will Receive:

Interactive E-book

Meditation Library

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