About Me

I always find it funny to write an "About Me" page... We change so much every day.

I am someone who loves people, learning, and experiencing new things. On the one hand, I have had a very grounded life having been a farmer, mom, business owner, etc. But I am also the perennial philosopher, mathematician, yogi and mystic.

Put this all together, you get someone who loves to share stories (a lot) through writing books, online courses, and teaching and sharing in person.

All of my books and courses can be found elsewhere on this website... so I thought I would share a bit about my passions... well a few of them anyway!


Tantra was an answered prayer for me. For years, I knew that we were all capable of beautiful closeness and loving connection far beyond what we normally saw in the world. I also knew that our sexual experiences were meant to be mind-blowing in truly spiritual dimensions.

My discovery, learning, and experiences in tantra was the answer that I was looking for.

And the beautiful thing is that tantra is truly for everyone. It isn't some strange Eastern way filled with ritual and requiring anything more than what it is to be fully human.

It is a beautiful philosophy of living that brings the spiritual into our everyday, it gives us the courage to be as close as we desire, and yes, when we are truly tantric (fully human), lovemaking is everything we imagine it could be.


I received a Bachelor of Mathematics in Combinatorics & Optimization from the University of Waterloo in 1993.

How does mathematics fit into my passionate world, you might ask.

Mathematics is the desire to map the universe with as simple and clear patterns as possible - numbers. It is looking out into the world and seeing its perfection is such a way that we believe that if we think long enough about it, we can actually understand it.

This is why the great mathematicians of antiquity were all philosophers... staring off into the world with great wonder.


I have always loved to dance... so much so, that in 2006, I opened Casablanca Dance studio with an excellent dance instructor.

I was originally just to be the "behind the scenes" business side of the partnership... but as time when on, I realized that I loved to teach and share dance as well. I taught bellydance, ballroom, Latin, line dancing and ecstatic dance!

The picture shown is from one of the years I was a pro with a local Dancing with the Stars Competition. You can click HERE to watch some of the videos of us dancing on Youtube. :)

I continue to take classes and teach whenever I can! 

Connection with Children

Raising my children is the greatest gift of my life. They were two and four years old when I was sick with breast lumps (the story of What If You Could Skip the Cancer?) which was a massive turning point in my life that definitely changed everything.

That experience forced me to listen within and not to the "experts" or what others thought. Whether my kids were toddlers or teens, this constant listening within allowed us to always be loving and communicate. In my book "Tantric Intimacy", I talk about how we would spend hours on the couch discussing whatever was going on.

I still love to write and share about creating wonderful bonds with our kids - especially in the teenage years... which were definitely my favourite times because I could really interact with the amazing humans they are!

Yoga & Meditation

When I discovered Kundalini Yoga, I knew I had found the most amazing set of tools for healing, finding our centre, and true happiness.

I loved teaching this yoga and meditation in private classes, hospitals, women's shelters, and businesses for many years. I love it because it is so accessible regardless of age and fitness. It is truly about healing from the inside out!

The meditation practices are especially valuable because they go right to the core and heal our nervous system with very specific breathing techniques, mudras, etc.

Today, I teach yoga in person and online. I offer free meditations on Insight Timer and do meditation coaching with anyone who would love to truly develop a meditative mind.

Quantum Physics

Do you know that feeling that the world is so much more interesting than we can imagine? Me too.

It was like the moment I learned that the cells in our bodies were actually just energy flying around - that 99.9% of us was just energy... that we were energy appearing as matter... Moments that blow your mind.

And then quantum physics comes in to try to explain the strange things that happen in the world. The things that we cannot explain... Why experiments change depending on who is watching. Why we can affect things that are thousands of miles away. How everything can be a single field of energy, yet seem separate and different.

And then to realize that all of these concepts apply beautifully to our spiritual lives, our relationships, our health, and everything that it is to be human...

Yes... this is a great passion of mine that weaves through everything that I love.