Live Kundalini Yoga Classes

Movement, Healing, & Beautiful Inner Peace

I'm so thrilled to be offering live classes over Zoom. 

When: Every Monday night at 7pm EST (Toronto time)

Where: In your living room, magical spot, walk-in closet, backyard, etc.

Price: $8-$10 per class (depending on the month)

Sliding scale pricing options below as well.

How to Register

I am offering this class for $40 per month (Canadian). It is a monthly subscription. You will be automatically be billed each month so that you can happily just come to yoga class every week without worry. (And you can cancel at any time).

Register for $40/month

Other Pricing Options

I am also offering other pricing options because I would love everyone to be able to come to yoga class. Sometimes, money is tight and $40 is too much. Or, maybe you live in a country where $40 Canadian is a lot of money! If you find yourself in either of these situations, please choose one of these options.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Fall of Yogi Bhajan

Recently a woman wrote a book about her time as a student of Yogi Bhajan (the founder of this style of yoga). There are good stories and also stories of abuse which has caused a huge uproar in the community as more and more people come forward with their own allegations of illegal and abusive stories from that time.

Since that time, I've had many students (old and new) come to me asking what they should do. Should they continue to practise or teach kundalini yoga?

This video is my response because I have always loved the technology of kundalini yoga. But I am not a guru-follower, so the community of kundalini yoga never fit with me. But the yoga itself is very powerful...

Please watch my video to find out more about why gurus must fall if we are to follow our true spiritual path.