Private Consultations

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I love to work with individuals and couples about whatever you are working through right now.

Or maybe you are taking one of my courses and would like to dive deeper into some of the issues that are coming up.

Would you like to talk about balancing the masculine and feminine in your life, find out how to find a quiet mind for meditation, or learn how to hear your intuition and follow your inner truth?

Or maybe you've had experiences you can't explain and would just like to talk about them. 

Whatever your reason, I look forward to meeting you.

An Introductory Session

Normally, our sessions are an hour long.

But maybe you just have a few questions about which program would be best for you. Or you would like to meet and chat before going further.

You can book an introductory session for 20 minutes below.

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Personal Consultation

Individual or Couples - 60 minutes
Over Zoom or in person

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Initial Inquiry

Individual or Couples - 20 minutes
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Energy Grid Reading

Individual - 60 minutes
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Energy Grid Reading

Couples - 90 minutes
Over Zoom or in person

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