You Don't Have to Eat the Eyeballs: A Story of Travel, People-Pleasing & True Self-Love

Are you a people-pleaser? Do you always want everyone to be happy – even if it means sacrificing your own truth?

Please join Katrina Bos as she shares stories from her travels around the world as she takes the final journey from life-long people-pleaser to living in a place of true self-love… The kind of self-love where it is effortless to hear our truth, to make choices from that truth, and to still be surrounded by everyone and everything we love.

And it all starts on a little island where she felt obligated to eat eyeballs because it was tradition…

She soon realized that she had been metaphorically eating eyeballs her whole life.

Hmmmm… After reading this book, you will recognize all the eyeballs you are eating…

But now? No more “eyeballs” for us. 

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Bookstores (big & small) can order my book for individuals and to stock in their store all over the world. This is a great way to give guaranteed profit to a local business, you can save on shipping costs, and my book gets seen by bookstore owners who just might order more if they like it. An awesome win-win-win.

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There are many benefits here too. It’s easy and convenient. Plus, this is really the majority of the market now. So, the more books that are purchased online, the higher in the rankings my book is on the “best-seller” lists. Therefore, it is seen by more people, which is every author’s dream.

You can also get the ebook and paperback online through Amazon, Chapters/Indigo, Booktopia, or wherever you normally buy books online.

 It is also available in Audiobook (read by Katrina) through Audible & ITunes.

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My book is available in paperback and ebook for purchase by many libraries around the world. All the library needs is someone to request it (which can often be done online). It’s an awesome win-win because you can borrow it at no cost, my book is in cool little libraries around the world and others get to enjoy it too!

Libraries are also often happy to buy the audiobook as well!

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