Tantra Books for Couples

This book begins by redefining love - which is truly the foundation of our connection as a couple. From there, we look at our own personal spiritual connection and the interaction of the masculine & feminine.

Then, we go deeper into what is possible in sexual intimacy, and then how to be tantric all day long.

This is a small book I wrote that focuses on men developing personal mastery in intimacy. When a man truly feels this inner strength and power, this feeds the relationship in a deep and nurturing way.

This book has beautiful dialogues that are gentle, kind, and allows the journey to mastery to be an adventure together.

This was the first book that I found on my journey that opened me up to what was possible in intimacy. I had read many many books seeking what I knew inside to be true tantra... and this was the book that made me say "Aha"! Real intimacy is truly possible!

(Note, this book is geared towards heterosexual couples.)

This is an amazing translation of the classic Bhairava Vignana Tantra text. 

It is filled with beautiful poetry-like verses that are wonderful to read to each other and "feel" into.. Just a wonderful text to have sitting by your bedside to read... and to always remember that there is such a deep world of love to discover.