Books: Tantric Spiritual Path

This book is where we truly bring that divine presence into the world in a very practical way. 

We redefine the divine experience of love - of all people and the world. We explore how we connect to the Divine ourselves. We explore true connection - and intimacy - in all aspects of our lives.

I found this book for free on the side of the road in San Francisco one day and it turned out to be very serendipitous. This is a story of a man in search of a tantrika. He finds her and is changed forever. This wonderful chance find became a very formative book on my personal tantric journey.

This is a translation of the classic tantric text "Bharaiva Vijnana Tantra". 

I met Lorin Roche (the author) at a retreat once and as he read the tantras - in their original Sanskrit and then in English, my whole body vibrated knowing that I had known this before. 

It is a wonderful book to read and just keep by your bedside when you desire inspiration and deep centring.

I recommend reading all of Osho's books - especially the ones with the word "Tantra" in the name. I had read almost all of Osho's books before I knew what tantra was... 

He gives a wonderful foundation for true spiritual living - a truly tantric way to see the world.

This is a book of stories of great tantric masters. Each stories turns something beautiful inside of us and shifts us ever so slightly.

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