The Tantric Spiritual Path

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Would you like to start with a one-on-one consultation? We can talk about your spiritual journey, any struggles in your life right now, and what you would love for your life and journey to look like.

We can also book a 20-minute call if you would just like to ask a few questions as to where to get started on your journey.

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Year-Long Trainings - Going Deeper

Let's spend a year together. The following programs allow you to take three of my online courses at your own pace. Within these courses, you will have exercises and meditations to do and homework where you can ask me any questions you may have over email.

The second part of the training gives us 12 one-hour sessions together. Being able to have real conversations allows us to really dive deep into whatever is going on in your world.

I love these programs because we truly get get to know each other... Plus, as you study, you will be going through all the normal motions of life... and this is where the most genuine and permanent expansion and growth comes.

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