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The other day, my friend asked me why I was always such a rebel. We had been discussing the pandemic and I was sharing different ideas that I was thinking about. She asked me why I questioned everything. Why couldn’t I just accept what I was being told as truth?

I didn’t have an answer for her right away.

A few days ago, I watched a documentary about David Bohm, a quantum physicist who worked with incredible minds like Einstein, Oppenheimer and many of the founding fathers of physics.

One of the things that really stood out for me was that people who were interested in quantum physics were always asking questions. They were always challenging the status quo. And not because they were rebels or difficult, but because the current scientific model didn’t explain everything in the universe… and this is the goal of science.

These models specifically could not explain what happened at the quantum level – what happened within atoms and molecules. The two schools of thought not only were different, they actually contradicted each other.

For me, I see this in all theories and philosophies where we are dealing with two very distinct worlds – the finite world and the infinite world.

Part of the physical world that we can see and touch is finite. These things are simple. There is a beginning and an end. The inner workings can be anticipated and experiments can be repeated.

But most of the world around us is actually infinitely complex – forests, the ocean, the air around us, the weather. The deeper we go into them, the more complex and interesting they become. Our human bodies are infinitely complex. We can start looking at ourselves on the surface, then go beneath to the organs, then go within to the molecules, then within to the atoms and then continue into the infinite quantum world of electrons and neutrons.

And that is just our physical body. When we dive into our mental and emotional and spiritual world, infinite worlds build upon infinite worlds.

Most of our existence is actually in an infinite reality.


Answers Are Not the Goal

In finite systems, our goal is always to find answers. What is wrong with my car? What colour should I paint the walls? How much is my phone bill? Finding the answers is how we navigate this finite world.

But how can we ever find answers in infinity?

We can’t. This isn’t even the goal.

The goal is to ask one question, explore that question and from that new questions will emerge. I imagine it like a great amoeba floating through space reaching out into the next part of space and then reaching out into the next part. Each question spurring the next question.

When we choose to find new questions and explore in life, our minds are constantly expanding. Whereas when we find the answer, all growth ends. To grow again, we must find a new question.

It reminds me of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy where the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42“. But nobody knows the question. The goal in life is to explore and find this question.


Science & Spirituality

 David Bohm came to the difficult realization that science and mathematics were not enough to explain the universe – that we needed a broader scope that included more about the deeper human experience. It was at this point, that he met Krishnamurti who was exploring human consciousness and they became friends. They realized that they were each asking similar questions – in quantum theory and in human consciousness.

Together, they explored many fascinating questions. Those questions led to more questions. They were able to explore this world of ours together – blending science and spirituality.

But, of course, this is one of the challenges of a spiritual path, we must enjoy the process of exploring questions because there are no answers. Answers only exist in finite systems. Spirituality is tapping into the infinite realities around us – very similar to quantum mechanics.

The challenge for us is that we are accustomed to feeling that we have succeeded because we have found answers and this isn’t possible in a spiritual journey.

Why? Because you are expanding into infinity.


Questions to Expand Us

I now understood some of the responses to the books that I have written. Most people told me that they loved the expansion of their minds. But others had different, but kind reactions.

Back in 2009 when “What If You Could Skip the Cancer?” came out, one of my good friends got a copy. When she came home from work one day, she found her husband sitting on the couch reading it. She was shocked because he never read anything… yet there he was.

He read the whole thing right through and looked at her and said, “Every chapter makes me ask new questions. I kept waiting for her to give me the answers.. but by the end, all I was left with was more questions!”

Recently, another friend lent my book “Tantric Intimacy” to a colleague and she had the same reaction. She wanted to know where the step-by-step instructions to tantric intimacy were. All the book did was share stories and ideas. She just wanted answers.

But this isn’t how it works. Spiritual traditions simply offer tools. It is up to us to internalize them so that we can expand in our lives.

After all, we are talking about infinity. We aren’t all meant to expand in the same ways.


Expanding Into Who We Are 

So, why is this questioning so important? Because the world around us is not finite.

There are definitely times in our lives where we need to find answers. But when we are looking at a complex, infinite world, it isn’t about finding answers. It is about navigating by asking questions and letting new questions rise out of where those questions took you.

This is what makes us alive. This is what lets us continue to grow ourselves.

We each are infinite and complex beings. What happens when we pretend that we are not? What happens when we pretend that we are finite – kind of like smart robots?

Large parts of us die. We lose touch with our actual potential. We no longer move beyond our comfort zones. We don’t follow dreams.

We stop growing. We stop truly living.

And so, as we navigate these interesting times, let’s ask questions. Let’s expand our minds. Let’s wonder about bigger pictures. Let’s integrate whatever our spiritual beliefs are. Let’s be explorers of consciousness.

They say that 2020 is an important year. A gateway to something different. A time of great change.

Perhaps it is our time to truly expand into our infinite potential.

And it all starts with digging deep within our natural curiosity and asking interesting questions.


Further Study:


If this is something that you would like to dive deeper into, we have two courses that explore these ideas that you can study at home with correspondence with Katrina Bos throughout.

“The Spiritual Path of Tantra” is our main course that teaches us how to weave all the tantric teachings into all parts of who we are and all parts of our lives.

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My book “Tantric Intimacy: Discover the Magic of True Connection” is a more detailed look at how tantra fits into our own happiness and all of our relationships. My first book “What If You Could Skip the Cancer?” is my journey from trusting my mind to know everything to taking the leap to trust in something beyond my own intelligence. This is the story of when I met my first real spiritual teacher and the incredible journey I took with him. My most recent book “You Don’t Have to Eat the Eyeballs: A Story of Travel, People-Pleasing and True Self-love” helps recognize the places in our lives where we still aren’t honest and therefore creating distance with others (and ourselves).

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