Why I Love Being a Nudist

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Oh, have I got stories! From someone who has struggled with body issues and self-love her whole life, I have to tell you the strange freedom that nudity brings. Why is this so? Why are nudist resorts a kind of Utopia? Why does the lack of sexuality make it almost a magical place? From nudist beaches to nude cruises to walking naked down the streets of San Francisco.

  • The topic of nudity and feeling free in ones body is connected to the Protector/Vulnerable dynamic in Masculine & Feminine union. To learn more about these polarities and to heal your experience of them in your own life, have a look at my book, Divine Union of the Masculine & Feminine.
  • If your issues with being nude stem from people-pleasing, check out You Don't Have to Eat the Eyeballs, my journey of travel, people-pleasing, and true self-love.
  • Perhaps your concerns with being nude are rooted in guilt and shame or desire. This may be your current state of consciousness. To understand the various levels of consciousness, check out this free series and learn more. 

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