Holding My Frame in Pure Passion & Love

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From the first sight
I knew this was different.
Matched in our lovemaking
Desires, passions, and intensity,
He is the yang to my yin.

We feel like we’ve known each other forever
And made love thousands of times.
So, it’s natural to want to merge our lives
Become as one
As our ancestors have done
For generations.

But we are great people
With gifts, vision, and missions of our own.
How do we maintain the creative space
To flow within the flowing river
Of inspiration, quiet, and creation?

In dance, each partner must hold their frame
So as not to collapse into the other.
In collapse, there is no dance
No yin or yang
No movement, spark, and aliveness.
We require space to feel our truths.

Not a false or created space.
Just the natural expanse of our beings.
Like two complete worlds
Each filled with wonderful life and joys.

It’s to allow each world to continue
To be full
Of prana, wonder, and ecstasy.
To allow for each of our own
Life cycles of birth, death, and rebirth
Maintaining each of our worlds
In beautiful, flowing symbiosis.

So, yes, to hold my frame.
To not fall into the patterns
Of my ancestors.

This is a new kind of love.
A new kind of relationship.
We are self-actualized beings
With journeys and missions of our own.

And like the synapses in our brains,
It is in the space between the cells
That the energy arcs
To create that passion
That we love so much
And crave so deeply.

And so, we must learn to hold our frames
To continue to be worlds unto ourselves
In a constant state of expansion, growth
And independent joy.

All the while giving our whole hearts
To each other.
Loving our incredible connection
Loving the passion we inspire
In each other.

Without collapsing our individual worlds
As tempting as it may be
So that we can feel the fullness of ourselves
Within this magnificent union.

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