How Do You Find Intuitive People?

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following intuition

“Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain,
but simply points the way.”
Florence Scovel Shinn

A friend asked me last night if I went to psychologists and counsellors when I needed help. I told him that I go to people who are intuitive and “psychic”. I want help from someone who can see beyond the story I’m telling myself and them. This is the help that I truly value.

He asked, “How do you find intuitive people?”.

My response: “An intuitive person is anyone who simply trusts their own truth in their life. If they trust what they hear within and act on it, they will naturally share the same gift with me.”

We often think that certain people are “intuitives” and “psychics”. While it is true that some people have honed this ability more than others, being intuitive it is well within all of our abilities.

The challenge is that we have been taught to play to the crowed. We’ve been taught to say what is appropriate, do the job that gets us the “A”, buy the house in the “right” neighbourhood, wear clothes that are “fashionable”, make choices that are commendable by others, etc etc etc.

As a child, if our desire is to go left but the crowd/class/parents are going right, we are instantly corrected and brought into line.

Over and over, we are disconnected from that little voice inside that said to go left.

As adults, our journey is to reconnect with that little voice.

For some, this looks like rebellion to start. That little voice is so silent and hiding, that we have to go against everything we’ve ever been told to even know what it feels like “outside of the box”. It is here, that we get to start hearing our own desires.

And then, we begin the journey of asking ourselves whether we trust the little voice enough to follow it…

This is the real journey of intuition.

It isn’t just hearing a calling or a direction or an insight. It is when we actually take that leap of faith and take action in the world and make it real.

It is when we sacrifice those old connections to the group-think, that our intuition actually becomes something solid that we trust.

This is how we know that we are following our intuition. It is when someone asks us why we are doing something and we say, “I don’t know. It just feels right. If I don’t do it, it’s going to drive me crazy.”

You can’t explain intuition. It is just a knowing. There is no explanation possible.

So where do you find intuitive people in the world?


There are a few that look like yogis in robes sitting in meditation. But there are just as many who look like old farmers who, long ago, learned that there was wisdom in the wind that was worth listening to. There are people who have learned to trust their instincts because they have had a tough life and they were forced to go inwards and trust themselves above the crowd.

And of course, there are children… A child who hasn’t learned to tell you what you want to hear will be so honest and clear… Especially if your inner question is clear.

Intuitive wisdom can come from all around us — in the most unlikely places.

And the best place to look is right in the mirror… and start listening to that little voice.


My true journey of listening to my intuition is told in my first book “What If You Could Skip the Cancer?”… it was the scare of cancer that asked me to stop trusting my head and the opinions of others… and start trusting what I heard inside.


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