I See A House with a Crowded Table

Living in Community

Living Together in Community

As I walk through the small town I live in I look at the big homes that were built around the turn of the century. Houses built because of wealth and prestige and to this day still hold a high-ticket financial value.

Today, there is one or two people living in them. But this is not what I see in the future.

I see 6, 7, 8 people happily living in them. Everyone is so alive. They are enjoying each other. They are outside playing in the backyards.

Everyone lives in harmony with each other because they have harmony within.

We all live as individuals even if there are romantic partners and children. There is a new kind of loving relationship that allows for the growth of the individual and our interactions simply benefit each other.

Because money will be different, a larger house will not be worth more than a smaller house. It will simply be a place where more people can gather.

We will effortlessly share in what needs to be done because harmony is the norm. It is expected. With harmony comes gratitude. With gratitude comes open sharing and kindness. The little that would need to be done around the home would be done with such joy, it would simply be a wonderful part of each day.

There is an emotional openness that allows for this harmony. Because we fully understand and are open to ourselves, it is effortless to be open to others. This creates a very natural connection with each other that allows our intuition to flow and just know what is nourishing for ourselves and the group. This is why living together like this is so easy, joyful and life-giving.


"Crowded Table" by The Highwomen

I love this song and this band... It was this song that inspired my vision and article. It's wonderful when you hear something and a vision appears in our minds so clearly that you know it is real.


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