Introduction to Tantra

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In this video, I discuss what Tantric Sexuality is.. the bliss, the joy, the ecstasy that is right there for everyone.. just waiting to be uncovered…

For those who would like to go deeper into this exploration, you may want to consider the following:

  1. The Spiritual Path of Tantra, an 8-week online course that takes us on the tantric journey of the “householder".
  2. Foundations for Tantric Intimacy, another 8-week online course to help us understand and explore the magic of connection in our lives, both with ourselves and with our loved ones. 
  3. For those seeking more - More love. More joy. A more fulfilling sex life. The revolutionary book, Tantric Intimacy: Discover the Magic of True Connection, I lead you through this Tantric world through stories of my own life, weaving ancient tantric wisdom into the world we live in today. You will find exercises, real-life examples, and thorough, captivating lessons to guide you on your journey.

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