PMS - The Gentle Time in a Woman's Cycle

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PMS - The Gentle Time of a Woman's Menstrual Cycle

In the few days before and during a woman’s bleeding time, she is in her most gentle state.
She feels the web of everyone.
She feels those closest to her… including herself.

It is an important time of truth. It is a time when we cannot look away… because we aren’t supposed to.
In a few days, our cycle will turn outwards again and we will be able to ignore the things we were shown… to a point.
But then we must look at them again in 28 days… with a little more sadness and despair that it will not change.
In this time, we must listen and trust that what we feel is not only true, that it is important.

It is not a time to make decisions because we are deep in the emotion of life.
It is a time to recognize a truth and stand in it long enough to take action… and then the nature of our cycle (and life) will change.
By the time we come around to this gentle time next month, perhaps there will be a new awareness to look at.

Some women rage because unconsciously they know that their truth doesn’t matter and their wisdom will never be heard.
Some women cry for the same reason.

So, be gentle with yourself.
Honour the wisdom that rises in this time.
If no words or logic appears, simply honour the strength of the emotions. Know that something is afoot. Perhaps clarity will come later.

And so, If you love a woman, be gentle with her during this time.
Be gentle with you.
There is beautiful wisdom to hear… for healing… for peace… and to step forward into a much more joyful, expansive world.

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