What Would You Do - If You Had No Fear?

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What would you do if you had no fear

“There is no passion to be found playing small — in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” ~ Nelson Mandela

What would happen if we never played small? What if you did all things that called you? What if you were just free to live your life every single day?

It’s interesting to look at why we play small. Why don’t we do the crazy things in our minds? Why don’t we do everything we truly want to do?

When you think of our lives… a soul is born onto Earth… that soul does some things and then passes away from this Earth. Why wouldn’t that soul do everything that it wants? Why would it sit on the sidelines in any way?

It’s like being taken to the greatest waterpark and believing that we can’t go on all of the rides… that we have to just sit on the bench.

Why? Because something bad might happen? We might get hurt? We might look silly? We might die?

Well, if we get hurt, we heal. Looking silly? Well, this is just clan/shame programming that is truly nonsense.

And dying? Well, this is part of the plan anyway.

Why would any of these things stop us from having an experience?


Fitting in to Group-Think Ideals

Perhaps it is because we accepted someone else’s definition of what a “proper”, right and reasonable life was. We accept whatever our social circles believe to be right and then that’s what we do.

If our circles are wealthy and we have to maintain a certain posture in life, then we do. If our circles are poor and we have to maintain a certain attitude towards the world, then we do. If our circles are “cool”, then we too must buck the system and rebel. If our circles are intellectual, then we must do reasonable and rational things.

But we aren’t here that long.

Is that really why we came here? To fit into someone else’s idea of what is “normal” and accepted?

It’s like we forget that we’re only here for a short time. Certainly our energy isn’t supposed to be spent living up to the ideas of another soul… who is supposed to be on their own journey.

But many fears have been placed within us. Fears of non fitting in. Fears of abandonment. Fears of not being good enough. Fears of looking stupid. Fears of being hurt. Fears of being alone.

What if we looked at those fears square in the face and realized that they were all nonsense?

There is no substance in any of them. They are smoke and mirrors. They are only real when you hear them whispering from the closet. But when you open the door and look at them… there is nothing there.


Strength Within

The reason that these fears ever had any power, is because we have placed our security and self-worth in the hands and opinions of others.

As a child, if our parents protected us, we looked to authorities to continue to protect us. Maybe we went to church and they told us that they had the answers to salvation and without them, we would burn for eternity in hell-fires. We went to school and our intelligence was determined by the tests created by the people who created the school. Whether we were acceptable socially was determined by whether we were liked, popular, or “normal” in the schoolyard.

It’s not a lot of wonder that we look to others for approval… and therefore are filled with fear to step out of what we imagine they would believe was acceptable.

In order to release these fears, we have to find real strength within. It isn’t about just cutting the strings to these strong (albeit imaginary) securities in our lives and then flailing about in the wind.

First we find a new strength within. For me, this is a connection to God and the universe. It’s also a deep connection to Nature. It’s a connection to the Whole. It’s a connection in something greater than just our little physical lives. Even if we can’t name it, just knowing that there is something else is perfect.

Because this is where we find our strength.

And when we find strength, we find courage.


What Do You Really Want to Do?

Let’s say that you find that inner strength. Let’s say that from that strength, you find amazing courage to do anything.

What would you love to do?

If there was no fear at all, what would you do?

What if your only goal in life was to truly live?

What would you do first?


Going Deeper:

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