What would your life look like "Living in the Light"?

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Living a Joyful Life

What would you do if anything was possible?

We are in a time of great transition from the dark to the light. For millennia, we have lived with such a strange darkness all around us that has made us believe that we are small, insignificant, and that our lives are basically about toil and struggle. We have had institutions teach us at a very young age to think and perceive the world in ways that only served a select few — and truly stripped away our humanity.

But that time is ending. Whatever this darkness was, its time is complete and great change is coming. Perhaps it began in the 60s with the “dawning of the Age of Aquarius”, and then with the ending of the Mayan calendar in 2012, and now with the global shift that we are all experiencing.

Every day, this “darkness” becomes more and more apparent. It is no longer able to blend itself into our consciousness making us believe that it is part of us and necessary. It is becoming easier to see that it is not only unnecessary, but it is a total distraction that takes us away from our true path with every thought, belief, drama, and lack of self-worth. It is insidious but is becoming clearer every day. 

So, as we see more clearly, we can see a future where this no longer exists. There is another world that we can live in… a world of light… a world where we are each fully actualized humans… a world where we realize that there are no obstructions to our creation… a world where our lives are truly our own canvas and infinity is our paintbrush.

So, what would you do in such a world?

Let’s plumb the depths of being human

Henry David Thoreau did an experiment where he went to live beside Walden’s Pond to see how little a man would have to do to survive. He did this because he saw the bondage man was in as he worked sun up to sun down… but for what? People believed that they were free and that this kind of work was part of being human and was necessary to survive.

But Thoreau didn’t believe it. He saw the unnecessary desires to have bigger houses and therefore bigger bank loans. He saw the falsities in people’s lives that they worked so hard to maintain. He was adamant that this was not only unnecessary but cheated us of the very gift of being human.

He believed that there was so much more to being alive. He saw that because we worked so many hours (and were exhausted for the rest), we barely plumbed the depths of what it was to be human.

What could we discover if our days weren’t filled with unnecessary work, commuting, scrolling social media, answering emails, keeping up with the Joneses, and watching Netflix? What would we discover about our personal abilities that we’ve never had time to consider?

Hobbies are so much more than hobbies

Every time I start to have an existential crisis and wonder why I am here, the wise words of a friend of mine rings in my ears saying “I have a feeling that you’re not having enough fun”. It’s so true. When we are having fun, we aren’t wondering why we are here. We aren’t analyzing our lives. We are simply in the moment having fun.

Imagine that the goal of life was to simply experience joy. What if it wasn’t about endlessly toiling and the reason we were born was to experience happiness and lightness of being?

It is interesting that what we do for fun has been relegated to “hobbies” — that they are considered secondary to work. They are just the little things that we do on weekends. But they aren’t considered important. They are simply painting or piano or soccer or hiking. These are just what we do in our “down time” — nothing of any significance.

But in a world where we only work for food and shelter, imagine the opportunities we would have to dive into purely joyful activities. What we call “hobbies” would become the vehicles for our creativity as humans. Think of the time spent relaxed, easily accessing our intuition, manifesting what we feel and see in our minds… Just imagine the possibilities.

Joyful Relationships

Imagine there being no drama in relationships — that we are all happy, self-actualized, and emotionally whole.

What would we do together? What would family gatherings look like? What if we only attended the events we felt called to because we knew that they would be fun and conversation would be great? What if every time we met with family, we felt more connected and happy? Imagine.

What if the goal of intimate relationships was to explore what was possible between two infinite and happy souls? What would you like to do together? How would you make love? What would your relationship look like?

In a world where these primary relationships are so fraught with grief, emotional distance, and power struggles, it is important to envision what they could be like without all of that.

Perhaps this is why the teachings of tantra are rising now — because we are beginning to evolve into this lighter consciousness. We are realizing that there is so much more possible when two people are able to drop their guards, slow way down, and explore the bliss of merging together.

So much more is possible. What would this “relationship in the light” look like for you?

What can we do now?

The great thing about transitional times is that we can make interesting changes right now. We don’t have to wait until some magical date where everything is final and the darkness has passed. In fact, perhaps it is all of us making small but long-lasting change which will shift the consciousness of the whole world — our inner world creates our outer world.

Is there something that you have always wanted to pursue? Art, music, athletics, cooking, gardening, study, writing, dancing, learning a new language? Could this become more of a priority in your days?

What if we just started slowing down like our friend Thoreau? What if we allowed our minds to rest and see what flowed from this quiet space? What would we discover? What latent abilities are right within us but we have just been too busy to unearth and explore them?

What about the relationships in our lives — friends, lovers, children, family, colleagues? Could we slow down and connect on a deeper level? Could we make our time together a little bit more real and meaningful?

The first step is often to simply ponder this idea — that exploring things that bring us joy is actually important — that joy is possible. That it is a wonderful thing to experience the “lightness of being”. Believing that these things are not only possible but a worthy goal is the beginning of creating that blank canvas where we get to paint whatever we want.

What would you like to do? How would your life shift if we were all just “living in the light”?

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