Your Body of Bliss: Radiance Sutras Verse 42

tantra the radiance sutras
Katrina Bos
Your Body of Bliss: Radiance Sutras Verse 42

The Radiance Sutras is an interpretation of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, an ancient Tantric text. This beautiful book was written by Lorin Roche, a modern Tantric practitioner who has practiced and taught meditation for over 40 years. In this book, Lorin inspires the readers to delve into their own inner wisdom (Vijnana) while going beyond the usual thinking mind activity of everyday life. 

Each week on Insight Timer, I read a verse this wonderful book. If you wish to attend one of these free live talks, feel free to join our group. These sessions are recorded on a weekly basis and all are welcome.

During this week's session, we discuss Verse 42 of the Yukti Verses from the 'Radiance Sutras', a translation of the Vijanana Bhairava Tantra by Lorin Loche. A meditation follows our discussion. 

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