Energy Grid Training

How to chart, interpret and share the wisdom of our inner blueprint with clients, friends & family.

Join us for Our Winter 2023 Session

If you would love to do this training, please click below to register for our training which begins on January 15th 2023. You will get access to the course at that time.  

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Have you had an Energy Grid Reading and would like to share it with others?

Are you a counsellor, coach, energy worker, or holistic practitioner that would love to add this energy blueprint to your offerings?

Or maybe you would just love to dive deeper into just how different and unique we can all be... to understand humanity better... and perhaps do a few grids for family and friends!

Are you new to Energy Grids?

Check out my main Energy Grid page where you'll find videos and the opportunity to book a session for yourself to find out first hand!

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Course Structure

You will have a private library where you can access training course on a computer or phone.

15 Teaching Videos covering:

  • how to chart the grids
  • what each chakra's wiring means
  • understanding the yin/yang tendencies
  • seeing the 7-year stages of each person's life
  • interpreting the patterns for health, love & intimacy, work & career, spiritual perspectives, and so much more
  • Structure of adding Energy Grids to your business

Live Zoom Classes

  • 4 live 2-hour zoom calls over the month
  • Answers for all of your questions
  • We will chart various birthdates together
  • All recorded for later viewing

Note: The timing of the zoom classes will be determined by the first 10 participants registered. We will stagger the times to make as much attendance as possible for everyone.

When is the Course?

The course will begin on January 15th. On this date, you will get access to the online videos and you can begin your study.

Two weeks after that, we will have 4 two-hour live zoom classes where you can ask questions and we will analyze some grids together.


Dates for Live Classes:

    Monday, January 30th 12:00PM - 2:00PM EST
    Wednesday, February 1st 5:00PM - 7:00PM EST
    Thursday, February 2nd 12:00PM - 2:00PM EST
    Tuesday, February 7th 4:00PM - 6:00PM EST 

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$197 CAD

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3 Monthly Payments

$67 CAD

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