Introduction to Kundalini Yoga

A 30-day program to learn about and experience
this wonderful yoga & community.

Would You Like to Try Kundalini Yoga?


Kundalini yoga is a wonderful practice that anyone can do. It isn't focused on achieving asanas or complicated postures. We integrate breath, movement, focus, mantra, and meditation to heal from within.

This program has been created for anyone who wonders how to get started. What's this yoga all about? How is it different than other yogas? Can I do it? Will I truly feel healthier and happier after doing it?

This is also a wonderful place to start if you are thinking of doing our 8-month Living Masters Yoga Teacher Training. This will let you experience the yoga, me as a teacher, and the wonderful community you would be joining!

And you can start anytime!

What You Will Receive

  • 12 New Instructional Videos
  • 8+ Live Yoga Classes
  • 2 Yoga Sangha (community gatherings
  • Home Yoga Studio (52 recorded classes)
  • Live Class Replays
  • Private Yoga Group on Raising Vibrations Community


Would You Like to Join Me?

This is a wonderful yoga that heals us so gently yet profoundly. Plus, we open to our true potential. Who are we really? What would be fun and joyful to experience here?

Kundalini yoga helps us undo years of programming so that we can truly feel and enjoy this wonderful life!

Let's Begin our Kundalini Yoga Journey HERE